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Live a more fulfilled life

by making healthier nutritional choices, developing practical wellness routines and creating a more active lifestyle 


Your relationship with food is more than counting calories and making sure you're not eating too many



The reality is... 80-90% of fad dieters regain the weight back in 6 months. So your whole30, keto and Paleo diets aren't designed to keep the weight off long term. This may be why you continue to see your weight fluctuate once your diet is complete. 


Our rule of thumb is "Don't make any dietary changes that you aren't willing to keep as a lifestyle."

The stats are real and it's also real that you can learn to make healthier nutritional choices that don't force you to restrict or avoid your favorite cravings from your life for the sake of keeping the weight off.


The lifestyle change you need to make is learning how to be more attuned with your body by developing mindful eating practices that help you make healthier nutritional choices as you increase understanding of your underlying emotional habits and behaviors that may contribute to unhealthy eating patterns.


We are the sum total of all the actions we take in our lives.


Most people hope for a better life, one where they have more fulfillment and abundance. Yet, they simply put forth the bare minimum effort to achieve it, struggle with consistency, quite when the process of growth and change becomes too challenging and some put forth no effort at all.

But the reality is... hope is not a strategy.

In order to truly live a happier and healthier lifestyle you have to prioritize and intentionally design routines that encompasses how you want to show up in your everyday and the lifestyle you want to lead. 


Honestly, with social media and the constant development of online social spaces, mobile delivery services and our busy lives, it's easy to fall into the snare of leading a sedentary lifestyle.

Finding fulfillment, living healthier and practicing mindfullness requires you to be more active. 

You don't have to run a marathon or win a sports competition in order to improve you health and well-being- small steps and changes in your daily routine are enough, This can include hiking, kayaking, bike rides and other physical activities or sports that bring you joy.

Leading an active lifestyle becomes a part of your wellness routines and self-care - adding a regular exercise routine in your life can help you reduce the risk of severe health issues and improve your mental wellness







Luis Mendoza is a Practical Living Coach and the Founder of Power Body Soul. With over 5 years of fitness experience and previously Co-Founding a fitness studio, Luis Created Power Body Soul as a community based program to help everyday people lead a more fulfilled life. 

Power Body Soul hosts group fitness classes, personal fitness coaching, workshops and more. Luis leverages his fitness expertise and mindfulness practices to provide a space for practical lifestyle innovation that helps people all over the world find greater fulfillment through healthier nutrition, developing wellness routines and learning to lead a more active lifestyle. 

"Power Body Soul...Represents a feeling that is present when I'm outside in nature. I might be working out in a nice scenery or going for a brisk jog but in this space my mind is clear. This clarity paired with time to myself in a scenic space brings about a unity with my mind body and soul"

- Couch Lu

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Growing up the gym was a safe space for me. It was a space that allowed me to think and unwind from my daily stressors. I wanted to feel revitalized and energized.


I was tired of the hardcore no pain no gain mania of the fitness industry. It seemed like there was a new exercise regiment every month and it was always more intense than the next.


I wanted to create a more balanced approach to health and wellness that focused on the mind body connection. After 4 years in the fitness industry Power Body Soul was born.


It is our mission to help everyday people learn to live and lead a more fulfilled life. We provide a space for practical lifestyle innovation by helping you learn how to make healthier nutritional choices, develop practical wellness routines and become more active in order to improve your quality of life and overall wellbeing




Power body soul welcomes people from all walks of life, diverse backgrounds, struggles and hardships.Our need to understand our community creates space for consistent and compassionate communication that strengthens and builds a more connected, supportive and nurturing community that leaves our clients feeling valued. With community impact at the forefront, we provide support and motivational initiatives that increase consistency while building lasting relationships that have mutual respect and appreciation.


We celebrate milestones and change by providing a space for self reflection and encouraging personal discovery that leaves our clients feeling proud of their intention and effort. By providing tools and resources that facilitate your personal, mental and physical growth, we help you learn to lead your life with intentionality and attunement so that you achieve greater fulfillment.

We believe that in order to see physical and mental growth and change in our lives we must be willing to do more to hold ourselves accountable by inviting tough conversations that challenge us to stay focused and committed to leading a more active lifestyle.

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